Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my favourite person, my roomate's horny bootlegger (edited 13/01/13 :p )

i love this guy. he is my roomate's bootlegger who has been supplying him with what he needs from the 2 nd month since he came to this town. People call him umeshbhai but my roomate calls him mangal pandey after the bhang inspired incidental freedom fighter from 1857. he loves my roomate too i guess beyond the notes that they xchange for his bottles. i guess my roomate is his only customer who had have the fortune of being gifted a lunch box full of mutton from his home kitchen, personally delivered in office. My roomate stays loyal to him xcept for the time he had a run in with the law and had to go underground for 2 months in diu and mt. abu. ....................(edited on 15/1/2013 :) wonder his entire famiy loves my roomate...he he

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