Monday, March 16, 2009

slumdog billionaires

These are some of the kids that i recently met at a railway station. The youngest may be around 7 years old and the eldest around 13 years old. Sans the fair chances that life has to offer they have been forced to grow up too fast. They are engaged in polishing shoes and repairing torn bags and broken zippers. Overzealous in their trade and on the lookout for opportunities they somehow noticed the broken zipper in my bag which i was trying hard to conceal and coerced me into making them repair it. One of them even wanted to polish my black reebok sneakers for which I had to chide him for his repeated requests. Believing that they had found a soft target they even showed me all the holes and tears in their attires trying their best to get me to buy them new ones. Things reached a limit when they charged me 50 bucks for the repair of a measly zipper and i had to chase them away with a 15 rupees payment for their service. Nevertheless i cannot stop myself from laughing whenever the sight of the youngest with colours smeared on his face appears in my mind, 5 days after holi...Truly billionaires in spirit

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