Thursday, April 2, 2009

give it back

Would I be allowed to have a year back
When I discover that I have squandered many,
Would life treat me a little better
If I learn now to respect it a little,
Would the chances that I give to many
Return just one for the many I let pass,
Would the price that I have to pay
For life’s follies be one that takes my life away.

Would the years I spent in a false cause
Be the punishment of a lifetime,
Would it give me wisdom dearer
To make this life better,
Would the myopia of my days’ visions
Cloud the vision of my days,
Would it lift away rather
The cloud that has shrouded my life’s reason.

Would the wrongs I have righted
Right the wrongs on me or none,
Would the hurts I have given
Reciprocate me with more than given,
Would it make me more sensitive
To hurt others no more,
Would it reward me as this life now
Incapable of any feelings, of what life am.

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