Sunday, June 7, 2009

My father's house

I went to church today with a backpack full of yellowed books
the books i came to buy in the nearby flea market
but the music of the church bell saying come on home
was too familiar for my dusty feet to deny

I went to church today after a gap of six years
in between maybe one or two but always leaving my heart behind
t'was the same though that saw me through the door today
and into the last row i sat behind strangers a sinner at rest

I went to church today with a heart stoned and laden
but when the hymns started my heart fluttered
and my hands reached for the hymn book lying near
three in all i sang with gusto even though two i never knew

I went to church today but the pastor's message half i heard
the book i flicked in random and the presence of my father i felt
i silently cried into his arms with no one near
when i finished and looked up a better man was born

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