Friday, September 18, 2009

Worlds/Walls of our own

We all live in our own worlds, creating walls which encircle us and are hard to break down. Our citadels are our bastions of wretchedness where we hardly let the omnipresent rays of joy shine through. A top view as of today i.e the 18th day of September 2009, would reveal roughly 6.785 billion such citadels in a vast plain of emptiness with the broken down bricks and mortar of citadels long gone.

Sometimes an enlightening effort would bring some of these citadels together and a restructuring would take place but nevertheless the end would just be another bigger citadel.

We all want to reach out but are afraid due to many reasons. Life's illogical and irrational behavior teaches us a hide and seek game which makes our lives bereft of logic and rationality. We subjectively end up time and again with building our walls higher and higher not really knowing that the answer lies in the the horizontal and not the vertical. Vertical towers of babels where a few lead lives of confusion and where the few mouths confuse the ears and the minds with voices from a thousand tongues. Our walls are built so strong that the rot corrupts all that is within and sanity takes a beating which more than desired leads to the temporary bubbles of stars and dreams akin to the ones puffed up with Marijuana smoke. But such are as transient as the Marijuana jokes, powerfully strong but gone the next minute.

Lives made so pathetic because our circuit boards have been printed to deceive and be deceived. .....And we are all guilty as hell!


  1. good writing ma nigga,tunlai i buai deuh ami i va reh ve?i high laia i ziah nge i stoned lai a ziah:)jus kidding...

  2. homie, tunali chu buai ras. himalayas kan han ride leh a. ka down laia ka ziah, down on life...he he... mobile i la nei na nge