Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boot up and gloves on the dawn is breaking

We know your girlfriend broke your heart
It’s been all of 3 weeks down the line
Your face shows your sadness inside
But out here you can’t come crying
Say a hello to the sand, wind, sky, rain
Ice and snow are sometimes friends too

Straighten the iron horse and kick out
Cause this is all what we now speak about

Work is bogging you down everyday
And your boss is sure to have horns and tail
Your colleagues suck and are boring as yawn
Your table seems more like a cell
And the mails and files keep piling up
Its time for your helmet to hi your riding jacket

Slow down cause there’s a bump ahead
Never mind just speed up and take a flight

Classmates and childhood friends left you behind
In glass buildings maybe in London Paris or Tokyo
Their accounts may run right to Fort Knox
And yours till the end of next week
But all you need is money for your gasoline
We are all going riding a few days away

Tar, sand, ice, puddles squelching beneath your tyres
Lean to the right there’s a sharp bend coming

We know there’s problem in the family
Someone’s not well and some dreams are awry
Father eyes you disapprovingly and mother’s sad
Brother you need an inner strength for the fights
The elements are givers and your steed will carry you there
Ride your worries away and come back stronger

The sun is setting low time to look for a camp and beer
Cause we got to rest and freshen for the ride tomorrow


  1. This is a lovely piece. The photo and content, for some reasons, reminds me of Paulo Coelho's boob 'the valkyries'. He's one of my all time fav author, btw.

    In tlanna kawng khi a kuk rum rum hmel!


  2. When your spirit runs low and work turns to be monotonous, when the day seems to be dark and hope appears to fade out, just jump on a bike and ride off for a spin down the dusty road, without any consideration except the ride you are taking....yes, ride your worries away and come back stronger!