Saturday, February 27, 2010

I really don't know

Guano and copper from Chile. Beef from Argentina, Brazil and Australia fed on fodder crops grown after clearance of forest land. Diamonds and blood diamonds from Africa. Hardwood from the equatorial and tropical forests of the under-developing and developing world. Oil from the Middle East . Wool from New Zealand from pasture fed Sheeps. Metals and minerals from the grounds of Asian and African countries. Immigrants from the developing world. Gas from Central Asia. Cotton from Egypt. Bananas from the Banana republics.
Most gone to adorn the bodies, bellies, homes, offices, infrastructure, vehicles in Europe and North America. I sometimes wonder if the balance of mass and weight of the globe would be maintained in equilibrium with the transfer of so much mass to one region of the world. If not would the Earth tilt over or rotate elliptically? …LOL

Disclaimer: What I wrote is not influenced by the movie 2012

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